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The Dungeon Below Bling- Bling High

Barnwell, William (2011-11-27). The Dungeon Below Bling-Bling High (Kindle Locations 87-103). Monje eBook Press. Kindle Edition.

Book of the Romes

This novel is a prequel to the Blessing series when an ancestor discovers a living metal, called "Romes" after its discoverer, that can destroy the world, and the generations of the Blessing family try to stop what nevertheless leads to the "Falling" in The Blessing Papers.

The Blessing Papers

Praised by Andre Norton, among others, as an "excellent combination of science fiction and fantasy," the well-received Blessing novels concern a post-apocalyptic future set in a fictitious Ireland (Imram), in which the ability to read and write has been almost lost and strange religions reign. The action and adventure of the four novels dramatize through many twists and turns the rediscovery through the Blessing family of an almost forgotten past as portrayed in the final recovery of the hidden Blessing Papers themselves.

Death of the Camel's Child

A contemporary thriller. When a large, unexploded bomb shows up at the IMF in Washington, DC, three blocks from the White House, a search for the terrorists begins. Caught up in the frenzy, a new artificial-intelligence company in Charlotte, NC, becomes a battleground for a man’s search for personal forgiveness. The Camel's Child is a contemporary story about a man who has to deal with a past promise made to his murdered sister and with a present threat to national security that involves his company’s supercomputers. The stakes are high both for the protagonist and for the world itself. It is part urban noir, part American road trip, and part technological thriller.


Turly Vail/Blessing discovers that beneath the scientific wisdom of the Blessing Papers lies a catastrophic evil only he understands. How will he be able to safely unlock the precious secret of the Blessing Papers, the sacred prophecies that can bring salvation or doom to Imram?

Scheme-of-the-Month Club

When a group of over-the-hill schemers are working on at least a scheme a month, one of them has to work. Right?

A comic caper in a world of entrepreneurs turned upside down.

The Sigma Curve

Turly Blessing makes his way through arid valleys and the Lower Mountains, and one man's courage becomes the final test for the future of all things in the rise and fall of the Sigma curve.

Writer Works

If you want to know more about writers and how they work, go to some of these sites. Let me know if they are helpful or not.