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The name of the island,Imram, is an old Gaelic word meaning "the perils of a journey," which is of course what the various characters in the story must go through during their quest for the fabled Blessing Papers.

However, with his doubts growing, how will Turly Vail/Blessing safely unlock the precious secret of the lost Blessing Papers? For beneath the scientic wisdom of the Blessing Papers may lie a catastrophic evil only he suspects, and his survival brings him more terrifying doubts: What exactly is the force that seems to drive him on and predict his every move?

Turly and his small crew continue searching throughout Imram in spite of all the problems they have. Turly himself at one point is forced to become the leader of a strange cult in the west of Imram involving many striking ceremonial events that tease and challenge Turly's mind.

N.B. At the right time, this novel alone might have made an excellent video game. Still could.