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William Barnwell

William Barnwell is the author of nine novels. He attended undergraduate school in Memphis, Tennessee, working with Jack Farris at Rhodes College and later teaching with Harry Crews at the University of Florida.
When his first novel, The Blessing Papers, was released in England in 1980, he became visiting writer-in-residence at Columbia College.
Simon & Schuster bought the paperback rights of The Blessing Papers and contracted Barnwell for three more in a science-fantasy series that was well received. His fifth novel, The Scheme-of-the-Month Club, was well-reviewed as being a comic romp in South Carolina similar to what Carl Hiaasen does in Florida.
His sixth novel, The Dungeon Below Bling-Bling High, is a YA novel of failure mired in the mud of federal regulations that demanded by decree that excellence & high expectations would rise yearly with only a hint to most students about what that might mean. Demands were always rising, but the students felt that they, as students, were always falling. This did not make for fertile learning ground. In addition, a fear of something horrible lurking somewhere in the school's basement was pervasive, but denied, until a fateful decision was made by the students themselves.
His seventh novel, Death of the Camel's Child, involves the WWI desert legend Lawrence of Arabia, reincarnated as a hardcore villain in our time as an idiot savant of killing. What can the hero do when all the oil in the entire Arabian Peninsula is close to being blown up, and Lawrence of Arabia is after him to stop him?
He is serializing his eighth novel in eBook form, a science-fantasy Steampunk novel he had started years before: I, Lord Several. A portion of this novel will be posted on his website: williambarnwell.net. More about all of Barnwell's work can be found at that website.
He has recently released his ninth novel. The Jubilee Account is another already well-reviewed novel, a PI murder mystery, and a financial thriller. It is now available online and by POD delivery at any bookstore.
Barnwell is a member of the Authors Guild and the International Thriller Writers group (ITW).

Do you want to know what's going on in inner-city high schools during these days of great expectations, increasing excellence, and no-excuses accountability? Read The Dungeon Below Bling-Bling High and find out.

What if you had to try to save the world's oil even if you didn't especially want to? But your dead sister tells you to do it, and she does have to be avenged. So Berry Lee Cane goes into battle against an idiot savant of killing who thinks he is the new Lawrence of Arabia. The winner may have a big say on whether you keep driving around or not. The climax is a violent one in a city park in Charlotte, NC, in the dead of night. But the choice of which one dies is decided by an uninvited third party.

Part 1. A new subspecies is engineered to survive without man's help. Part man, part insect. They are bred to be super salesmen. But what are they trying to sell? Like Victorian novels back in the day, this novel is being serialized in eBook format. Watch for Part 2 soon

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