William Barnwell

Turly Vail/ Blessing now looks not into the heart of darkness, but the heart of light, and he does not like what he sees

The Sigma Curve

In the final novel of the Blessing series, Turly Blessing makes his way through arid valleys and up and over the dreaded Lower Mountains, where he meets and endures things through which no man should have to go. But the Blessing papers, and the traditions of his father, mold Turly in subtle ways he finds hard to understand. But as he approaches the old Blessing burial ground where many secrets are contained, Turly understands at last that he must face the final test for the future of all things in the rise and fall of the Sigma curve.

A Sigma curve is a curve shaped more or less like this: S. Read the book and find out what that means.

A contemporary thriller. See insert of part of Chapter 1.
When a group of over-the-hill entrepreneurs are working on at least one scheme a month, one of them has to work, right?
Barnwell has recently finished his ninth novel, a contemporary economic thriller, Practicing Resurrection, about a man who feels he was personally responsible for starting the Great Depression, and a family that has held the secret of an even bigger economic conspiracy dating back to 1913, but leading to bizarre murders in our time.
This novel is a prequel to the Blessing Papers series when an ancestor discovers a living metal that can destroy the world. The Blessing family vows to stop it.
With the loss of the ability to read, the world disintegrates. In the afterlife, in an Ireland of the future, a young man searches for reasons for the Fall and how to put it back together.
With all his doubts, how will Turly Vail/Blessing safely unlock the precious secret of the Blessing Papers?
Turly Blessing makes his way through arid valleys and the Lower Mountains, and his courage becomes the final test for the future of all things in the rise and fall of the sigma curve.
Young Adult Novel
In school, students, drugs, gangs and new challenges clash at an inner-city school under great pressure to do well. A strange narrator and a compelling outsider act together to either meet the challenge, or lose everything. I, Lord Several, an alt/punk rework of an earlier short story is being issued as a magazine serial as in the days of Charles Dickens. See first page of website with overview. See insert of Chapter 1.
Writing as a craft
Try this site for some of the ins and outs of writing fiction or nonfiction.

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