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William Barnwell is the author of nine novels and has won a number of awards for his creative writing. He attended undergraduate school in Memphis, Tennessee, working with Jack Farris at Rhodes College, and later in graduate school with Harry Crews at the University of Florida. Barnwell’s works are noted for their cogent style, deft plots and fast action.

When his first novel, The Blessing Papers, was released in England in 1980, Simon & Schuster bought the paperback rights of The Blessing Papers and contracted Barnwell for three more in a science-fantasy series that had good critical reception in the New York Times and magazines overseas: The Blessing Papers, Imram, The Sigma Curve and Book of the Romes. His fifth novel, The Scheme-of-the-Month Club, was reviewed as being a comic romp in South Carolina similar to what Carl Hiaasen does with Florida characters.

There have been many changes in the world of publishing and the writing life, and Barnwell chose to place his next three novels as e-Books. The Dungeon Below Bling-Bling High is a YA novel about the failure of inner-city schools mired in federal regulations demanding that "excellence" and "high expectations" rise yearly with only a hint to students or teachers about what that means. However, students take matters into their own hands, with a surprising result. Death of the Camel's Child involves the WWI desert legend Lawrence of Arabia, reincarnated as a hardcore villain and computer genius, determined to take back or blow-up what he considers his, which, in this case, is all the oil in the Middle East. The eighth novel, an alt/​punk science-fantasy novel I, Lord Several, is being issued over time like nineteenth-century magazine serials. Some humans and insects are mixed genetically to be super-salesmen, like intelligent and aggressive ants that never give up on closing a deal. Lord Several is the sales manager in his region of this strange country. However, what do they sell, and why? Are they a threat to the larger world of humans, or just a forgotten experiment in the southwest?

Barnwell has recently finished his ninth novel, a contemporary economic thriller, Practicing Resurrection, about a man who feels he is personally responsible for starting the Great Depression, and the family that has held his secret of a monetary conspiracy dating back to 1913.

William Barnwell is a member of the Authors Guild and the International Thriller Writers group (ITW). Excerpts from his works can be found at his website, williambarnwell.net, and all editions of his books, including collectibles, can be bought online or ordered at most bookstores

A contemporary thriller. See insert of part of Chapter 1.
When a group of over-the-hill entrepreneurs are working on at least one scheme a month, one of them has to work, right?
Barnwell has recently finished his ninth novel, a contemporary economic thriller, Practicing Resurrection, about a man who feels he was personally responsible for starting the Great Depression, and a family that has held the secret of an even bigger economic conspiracy dating back to 1913, but leading to bizarre murders in our time.
This novel is a prequel to the Blessing Papers series when an ancestor discovers a living metal that can destroy the world. The Blessing family vows to stop it.
With the loss of the ability to read, the world disintegrates. In the afterlife, in an Ireland of the future, a young man searches for reasons for the Fall and how to put it back together.
With all his doubts, how will Turly Vail/Blessing safely unlock the precious secret of the Blessing Papers?
Turly Blessing makes his way through arid valleys and the Lower Mountains, and his courage becomes the final test for the future of all things in the rise and fall of the sigma curve.
Young Adult Novel
In school, students, drugs, gangs and new challenges clash at an inner-city school under great pressure to do well. A strange narrator and a compelling outsider act together to either meet the challenge, or lose everything. I, Lord Several, an alt/punk rework of an earlier short story is being issued as a magazine serial as in the days of Charles Dickens. See first page of website with overview. See insert of Chapter 1.
Writing as a craft
Try this site for some of the ins and outs of writing fiction or nonfiction.

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